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Evolution of STARS Computing Corps

The evolution of the STARS Computing Corps began with a 2005 National Science Foundation (NSF) solicitation to Broaden Participation in Computing (BPC).

2006 – STARS Initiation

The Students in Technology, Academia, Research, and Service (STARS) Alliance was funded by the NSF in 2006 to develop and implement a program which wrapped research-proven activities for recruiting, bridging, and retaining underrepresented groups in computing into a singular cohesive approach.  The core of the program was the STARS Leadership Corps (Corps).  Eleven Southeastern Colleges and Universities demonstrated positive outcomes with the Corps through fostering technical excellence, leadership skills, a sense of community among the students, and civic engagement.

2008 – STARS Extension

With the STARS Alliance Extension proposal, the number of participating Colleges and Universities increased to 20 and an additional goal of advancement for faculty was added. The STARS Alliance facilitated professional development, informal mentoring, and affinity groups for its faculty that has led to advancement for many participants.  By 2011, the STARS Alliance had supported the implementation of Corps in over 40 colleges and universities.

2011 – 2016+ - STARS Scaling

STARS activities have demonstrated sustainability through curricular and co-curricular integration with computing programs and the next phase of STARS’ evolution focuses on scaling  STARS practices to a national audience.  To sustain the program beyond grant funding, the STARS Computing Corps became a non-profit entity in 2012.  Its purpose is to foster continued national adoption of student-led regional engagement by providing:

  • seed funding to computing departments that implement the Corps or infuse its practices of student-led regional engagement with departmental cultures;
  • a community of support through the STARS Online social network, website, and digital library; and
  • the STARS Celebration, an annual, national gathering of the Corps.

How To Get Involved

Sponsor a STARS Corps Student

Does your company or organization want to help further the impact STARS is making on women and minorities involved in computing? If so, we have multiple opportunities to partner with STARS!

Participate in the STARS Celebration

Join us for our annual leadership conference highlighting the achievements of our STARS Corps students and schools. Speakers, panelists, sponsors, community partners and general attendees are welcome!

Adopt the STARS Leadership Corps Model

The Corps is a curricular or co-curricular service-learning program that fosters student-led regional engagement. Find out how your institution can become part of STARS today!

Find a STARS partner near you

Community partners are vital to the mission of STARS. If you are currently implementing K-12 outreach and service learning, learn how STARS students can help implement your existing programs.

Join the STARS Online Community

Looking for unique resources or individuals to connect on great civic projects? Join our STARS Online community or visit the Digital Library for best practices and shared resources.


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