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The goal of the Mentoring project is to disseminate the STARS Computing Corps mentoring model across Alliance university partners. This tiered identity-based mentoring model using the Thomas Principles supports mentors’ and mentees’ college adjustment, retention, and academic success for timely graduation.


People in higher education conduct mentoring all over the world but no one has broken down the elements of mentoring so mentors can provide effective mentoring to mentees that is complemented with strong evaluation. The Thomas Principles do that. Mentors are taught six principles (Identity Development, Social Support, Psychological Support, Academic Support, Sense of Belonging, and Leadership Development) to support mentees’ college adjustment, retention, and academic success for timely graduation. To ensure mentees receive appropriate mentoring, mentors are trained through a six-hour student development workshop and yearly mentor - mentee activities. As a result, students develop a strong sense of mentoring, leadership, and high expectations that promote accountability, team work, and success among IT and computing students.

Dr. Nathan Thomas

STARS Computing Corps schools can earn honorariums for participating in the mentoring demonstration project. **It is important to note that STARS Computing Corps mentoring is designed to coexist with Corps activities (i.e, outreach, research projects, roadshows, etc.).

  • Attend monthly Advisor meetings (every other Monday of the month – meetings start in September). Failure to attend meetings will result in loss of honorariums.
  • You and your student mentors (some schools also have mentees) attend STARS Celebration Mentoring Pre-workshop (takes place around second week of August).
  • Develop and implement Fall/Spring mentoring program curriculum ($500 honorarium – final copy due in September for Fall and January for Spring).
  • Complete STARS Evaluations (Organization level and Mentor/Mentee level; $500 honorarium per school due April/May).

Process for Participation in Mentoring Program:

  1. Notify Nathan Thomas (or appropriate leader) between June and early August (prior to Celebration) about your interest in participating in the mentoring project and workshop. He will email you to confirm your participation and the number of individuals participating from your school.
  2. Attend STARS Celebration mentoring pre-workshop. This is a 60-minute webinar to help leaders to understand and prepare for the mentoring process. Typically the webinar is held the week prior to the celebration. 
  3. Attend scheduled meetings for program support, direction, and accountability.
  4. Develop a recruitment plan for your mentoring program.
  5. Select mentors (in some cases mentees) to attend the Mentor Pre-Workshop held at the annual STARS Celebration (six-hour student development workshop).
  6. Develop and implement a Fall and Spring Mentoring Curriculum, which includes facilitating ongoing mentor meetings during the school year.
  7. Participate in mentoring evaluation for mentors, mentees, and Academic Liaisons and/or Advisors.

How To Get Involved

Sponsor a STARS Corps Student

Does your company or organization want to help further the impact STARS is making on women and minorities involved in computing? If so, we have multiple opportunities to partner with STARS!

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Join us for our annual leadership conference highlighting the achievements of our STARS Corps students and schools. Speakers, panelists, sponsors, community partners and general attendees are welcome!

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