STARS Activity Report

Complete this form for each activity that your Corps performs.

NOTE: For recurring activities, such as visiting the same classroom multiple times, complete an activity report for each visit, using the same Activity Title for each report.

Activity Title and Description (e.g. CS Unplugged with Girl Scouts, or Outreach using Lego Mindstorm)
Example: Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology
Please enter a short descriptive title for this activity and use the same title for recurring activities. Example: Robotics outreach at Dover Middle School.
Describe the activity. For recurring activities, enter a complete description of the set of activities for the first entry, and then comment on modifications. If applicable, for subsequent entries.
Frequency and Duration
Please use this section to explain to us how often this activity occurs, with the same audience.
Audience Description
Please use this section to describe the attendees at your activity, NOT the SLC students
Other details
Please use this space to enter any details here that might be useful in explaining the importance or significance of this activity to others.
What makes this activity special for the participants?
What makes this activity special for you?
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