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STARS Computing Corps Statement on Racism and Injustice in Computing

The STARS Computing Corps acknowledges the pain and grief that many in our community are experiencing in light of the recent unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the long-standing violence against and oppression of Black men and women. We condemn these and countless other injustices. We stand against racism.

At the heart of the STARS Computing Corps is a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in computing. This must include a commitment to dismantling the institutional and systemic racism faced by Black students and faculty in our computing education systems. As an organization, we will continue to incorporate evidence-based approaches to guide our work to foster an inclusive, anti-racist computing computing community for students and faculty, that considers the cultural capital and identities of Black students and faculty. We will expand our efforts to build the capacity of computing departments, faculty, and students to identify actions that they can take to address the local cultural and institutional barriers to participation by Black students and faculty in computing. We commit to amplifying the work of Black scholars and activists. We commit to including additional Black students and faculty in leadership roles and advisory board positions.

And, importantly, we commit to looking within and addressing needs for change within our own organization. We commit to educating ourselves and our non-Black members on how to be more effective anti-racist allies. We commit to reflecting on our actions and inactions. We will speak up louder and sooner. We will continue our actions for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and actively work toward anti-racism in computing.

Jamie Payton and Tiffany Barnes, Directors, STARS Computing Corps

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